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Kim Soeun's nostrils

Pann: Kim Soeun's nostrils are gross

1. [+108, -2] She was definitely the prettiest when she was Gaeul. She still looks the same but her facial features look stronger. Her nose job failed.

2. [+80, -18] Why talk about nostrils though...

3. [+74, -28] Why??!! Unnie is pretty as ever!!!

4. [+25, -0] It's because she got a nose job... She looked more innocent and pretty during Boys Over Flowers.

5. [+25, -29] She benefited a lot from plastic surgery. Her body is really mediocre, she doesn't have pretty legs and she's short. Her visual doesn't match for a female lead.

6. [+22, -0] Her nose and eyes have changed from Gaeul days.

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