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Elfs get upset at Changsub's 'Bikira' statement

BTOB members were DJs of Sukira for one day and Changsub said he wanted to do 'Bikira' (BTOB's Kiss The Radio) someday. Super Junior fans' tweeted after the radio:

Is this the end, then? Guys, don't hang out with the fans of a group that never won a daesang. We're at a higher class and our oppars have dignity.

Bikira, my ass ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How about you bikira from that spot ㅡㅡ How dare you to be wanting the spot.

(tn: 'bikira' means to 'move away')

Bikira ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yeah, you guys should bikira first. Go away before changing someone else's radio name. What an amazing wordplay <3

It's honestly making me upset. Don't change Sukira's name into Myunkira or Bikira.

Bikira? You guys should bikira instead


Pann: Shocking tweets of Super Junior fans

1. [+181, -11] I agree that it could upset the fans because the name has been there for 9 years. But I find it hard to understand that they're reacting like this. I guess it's precious enough for them to be mad, although I definitely don't get why they're dragging each other like this.

2. [+166, -5] This is what happened. Changsub said that he wanted to do 'Bikira'. Eunkwang said, "what if Ryeowook hyung hears what you just said?" and Changsub replied, "I'm kidding." Super Junior fans tweeted that they were uncomfortable and BTOB fans replied to them with "it was just a joke." After that, they just started fighting. Both are at fault for going after each other.

3. [+80, -124] "A group that never won a daesang before"... It's so hurtful for BTOB and Melodies. I don't think what they said is acceptable. What did Melodies do for the person to be reacting like that ㅠㅠ

4. [+72, -47] These days, Super Junior fans are acting as if they're saints. You guys were the stupidest fandom. Don't you remember that your hateful comments made someone commit suicide?

5. [+59, -2] I'm a listener of Sukira and I didn't find anything to be controversial. Didn't they mean that they wanted to be radio DJs someday? I don't think they meant that they wanted to steal Ryeowook's spot. Am I not upset because I'm not a fan of SuJu? As a casual listener, I didn't find anything offensive from his statement.

6. [+57, -18] I think Elfs have a right to be upset by this, though? Of course, the fans shouldn't be talking like that. At the end, they're all the same.

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