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Controversies that ruined trendy girl groups

T-ara - bullying controversy
The representative case of a girl group's collapse. They became a trendy girl group with popular songs like Bo Peep Bo Peep, I Go Crazy Because Of You, and Why Do You Act Like That. Since Roly Poly, every release was a hit and they almost became a national girl group. A new member Hwayoung couldn't join a stage due to her leg injury and other members targeted her on Twitter, causing the controversy. Until now, the public shows cold reactions towards them.

Hyosung - ilbe statement
Secret became big with Magic, Madonna, and Shy Boy. Their after-releases also did well on the chart. During their Yoo Hoo promotions, Hyosung went on a radio and used an ilbe word. People accused her of being an ilbe user and massive criticisms followed. Since then, their promotions got so-so responses. They're currently focusing on individual promotions.

Wonder Girls - America advancement
Wonder Girls became a national girl group with Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody. When they were at their peak, they stopped domestic promotions to debut in America. Their American promotions did not do well and they came back to Korea for domestic promotions. Their popularity looked like it was just as the same as their peak, but with Sunmi's withdrawal and leader Sunye's marriage/birth, their promotion schedule was troubled. Most of the original members have left the group by now. Wonder Girls is currently a 4-member band and they're not as popular as before but they're doing decently.

Kara - Radio Star
Kara became a trendy girl group with Hara, addition of Jiyoung, and Japanese advancement. They went on Radio Star to promote their 4th album. Hara threw a water bottle and Jiyoung cried because she did not want to do aegyo. They received a lot of criticisms and their 4th album did not do well. Nicole and Jiyoung left the group and the group is not as popular as before.

Park Bom - drug smuggling
2NE1 was a hot issue since debut. They became a trendy girl group very fast and was very popular for years. Park Bom got caught smuggling drugs but she still promoted without clear clarifications or reflection. The public turned their back and 2NE1 hasn't been promoting for a year. There are even rumors of their disbandment.

Girl's Day - attitude controversy
Girl's Day became a trendy girl group after member changes, Expect, Female President, and Something. They released 2nd album and Ring My Bell was called a good song. But they showed bad attitude on Afreeca TV and got many criticisms. They quietly concluded their 2nd album promotions.


Instiz: Controversies that ruined trendy girl groups

- I really want to smack Jin Young Park for the America advancement!

- It's all their fault except Wonder Girls... I pity Wonder Girls ㅠㅠ They could've done even better...

- T-ara was a big trend back then...

- I miss 2NE1, their b-sides are all good

- I hope Park Jin Young doesn't send Twice to America

- I understand why Hara got mad but I don't understand why Jiyoung even cried

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