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Rookie award nominees for acting

Nam Taehyun (SBS 'Late Night Restaurant')
Chanyeol (web drama 'EXO Next Door')
Sungjae (KBS 'Who Are You - School 2015')
Nam Joo Hyuk (KBS 'Who Are You - School 2015')
Seo Young Joo (KBS 'Snowy Road')

Lim Ji Yeon (SBS 'High Society')
Chae Soo Bin (KBS 'Bluebird House')
Jo Soo Hyang (KBS ' Who Are You - School 2015)
Lee Sung Kyung (MBC 'Queen's Flower')
Kim Seol Hyun (KBS 'Orange Marmalade)


Pann: Who do you think is going to win the rookie award?

1. [+87, -0] I don't have anything against anyone but why are Taehyun and Chanyeol there? I expected to see DO instead...

2. [+60, -2] I think Sungjae will win the male award because others didn't get good responses. Jo Soo Hyang or Lee Sung Kyung for female award because both did well.

3. [+42, -0] Jo Soo Hyang for me

4. [+22, -3] Taehyun shouldn't even be a nominee ㅋㅋ

5. [+19, -2] Why did they include a web drama? Then shouldn't Jung Ilhoon and Junghwa be there also?

6. [+19, -0] Why Chanyeol... I think Sungjae and Lee Sung Kyung or Jo Soo Hyang will win.

7. [+9, -1] Sungjae's acting was good but he's the one who should give an award to Who Are You. He filmed like 10 CFs because of the drama. He recently filmed a G-Market CF.

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