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Red Velvet's talent

Pann: Red Velvet honestly

1. [+202, -30] I admit they're talented except Irene and Yeri

2. [+148, -7] No need to explain Wendy. I think Seulgi is really talented. There's a video of their radio live on Facebook and a lot of people complimented Seulgi. She has a cool voice, she can dance, and she can sing high notes. I think she'll end up like Taemin if she keeps improving. She's not a main vocalist but she can sing and dance. If Red Velvet releases a solo album, she'll be the first solo.

3. [+110, -5] I'm a Lovelyz fan but I like Red Velvet so I watched them on V app. When they were practicing their choreography, Wendy was singing live and she was really good... They looked really cool.

4. [+57, -2] Joy is above avarege, she's good. Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy have similar amounts of singing parts. Joy's voice is too good to rap, she should sing ㅠㅠ

5. [+43, -0] Seulgi was better than I expected. I loved her intro and her dancing is really good.

6. [+39, -6] Irene's rap isn't good but it's catchy ㅋㅋ I keep replaying it. "I'm not your Billie Jean~"

7. [+35, -44] Joy's talent is overrated because of her good voice

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