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Idols that impressed you on Mask Best Singer

Pann: Idols that were on Mask Best Singer

1. [+217, -13] I was very shocked with Solji, Sungjae and Sandeul. But Dongwoon... Solji, Sungjae, and Sandeul never got criticized for their singing but Dongwoon got all sorts of criticisms for his bad singing. Dongwoon didn't have amazing techniques but he sang well softly.

2. [+195, -25] Sungjae and Sandeul

3. [+129, -32] Sungjae

4. [+74, -4] Solji, Luna, Sandeul, and Sungjae... I was surprised when I heard that Sungjae was a sub-sub-vocalist.

5. [+72, -33] Sandeul, Solji, and Luna are the top 3 on Mask Best Singer

6. [+65, -1] Luna and Sandeul were amazing

7. [+58, -3] Sandeul! I prefer clean and soft voices over techniques and husky voices. And he's one of the few idols with such emotions ㅠㅠ I think Luna and Sungjae were also amazing!

8. [+57, -0] I was so surprised with Luna, Sandeul, and Sungjae. They were better than expected. Chen got praises but I haven't watched the episode yet. Chen is originally a good singer, I liked Best Luck. It's good to see talented idols on Mask Best Singer. I want my bias to be on it. He's been around for 10 years but his singing is not known ㅠㅠ I hope he appears and breaks the stereotype.

9. [+54, -3] I never thought Sandeul was an idol when he was singing

10. [+54, -5] Usually, visuals can't sing. I thought it was Sungjae's case but it wasn't ㅋㅋ Him and Sandeul surprised me a lot.

11. [+50, -1] Sandeul... I never even thought he was an idol ㅋㅋ I was so shocked when he took off his mask.

12. [+35, -5] Dongwoon and Yuju. Eunji and Sandeul were already well-known and they never got criticized for their singing. But Dongwoon did. I honestly thought GFriend wasn't talented when I listened to their MR removed version of Glass Bead but it wasn't true.

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