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Facebook says they will not make a 'dislike' button

Article: Facebook will not make a 'dislike' button

Source: OhmyNews via Naver

1. [+618, -45] Attention seekers must be happy ㅋㅋ Why are they so obsessed with likes? They're so loud and happy when they get a lot of likes but they get upset and moody when they get no likes. They're seriously, very, extremely pathetic.

2. [+499, -50] They need to make a 'dislike' button so that people will know how pathetic their posts are. They think they're stars because they get a lot of likes for whatever they do.

3. [+399, -26] I heard that there are jerks that post pictures their dead grandpas and grandmas

4. [+357, -54] Sigan Nangbi System (waste of time system)

5. [+204, -17] SNS was meant for communication. Since when did people start taking SNS as a joke like now? The users are now aware, right?

6. [+97, -11] I don't want 'like' or 'dislike', I want 'so what' button

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