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iKON BI bullies Chanwoo on broadcast

Bobby tells Jinhwan that he'll buy meat if Chanwoo talks informally to Jinhwan and he stays calm.

Jinhwan: It's OK, go ahead and swear at him
Chanwoo: (hesitates)
BI: (starts getting annoyed) Hurry up (hits him)
Chanwoo: Really?
BI: (hits him) Just do it~! (glances at the camera)
Jinhwan: Act comfortably to hyung
BI: Just do it~! (hits Chanwoo's face and his hat flies away)
Chanwoo: (picks up his hat)


Pann: Shocking personalities of iKON from yesterday's broadcast

1. [+661, -141] Look at BI's face, I can tell his true-self he's been hiding. Looking at how he glances at the camera, I think he behaves recklessly when there's no camera around. And YG must be enjoying this attention because iKON will debut.

2. [+636, -113] BI was pathetic after that. He gave meat to Chanwoo because "he liked Chanwoo's behavior"... What the fuck is he doing? I used to like iKON but it's uncomfortable how the members have to act upon BI and Bobby.

3. [+498, -90] I'm a fan of iKON and I was also surprised when I watched this. I'm a maknae at a lot of situations and I feel so embarrassed when I get bullied like that ㅠㅠ That's not right. He can't be defended for that. They're going to debut soon, I'm worried.

4. [+260, -39] Look at BI's face in the first gif. It's a typical face that iljins make when they bully weaker ones to show off. So disgusting.

5. [+217, -43] Do you fans really want to stan him? Embezzler's son with trashy personalities. I always didn't understand why fangirls stanned idols with controversial personalities but these fangirls are the most extreme.

6. [+207, -41] iKON fans demand people to treat iKON as artists ㅋㅋㅋㅋ For non-fans, they're just mediocre idols. How pathetic.

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