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Ideal types of teenage girls and women in their 20's

Ideal type of teenage girls
- Not muscular body. Skinny type.
- Standard hair cut with bangs. Bowl cut.
- Cute guys with aegyo and jokes.
- No mustache or beard.
- Pale, soft guys.
- "Flower boys"

Ideal type of women in their 20's
- Muscular bodies
- No bowl cut. Waxed hair.
- Manly and dependent guys.
- Mustache/beard accepted.
- Rough skin vs soft skin - case by case
- Low-tone voice


Pann: Ideal types of teenage girls and women in their 20's

1. [+108, -3] It's true. But I'm a teenager and I have 20's taste. I prefer muscular guys over skinny and handsome guys.

2. [+80, -3] I'm a high school student but I have 20's taste. I don't like pale and skinny guys. I like muscular, dark, and dependent guys.

3. [+49, -44] Teenagers like it when guys wear thick glasses but women in their 20's don't like them. They prefer normal glasses, like Choi Daniel and Sung Si Kyung.

4. [+27, -1] Every guy's ideal type: pale and pretty woman with big breasts and a big pelvis

5. [+22, -1] I'm in my 20's but I prefer guys like Song Joong Ki, Baekhyun, and Park Bo Gum. I also like the guys of 20's taste but I prefer teenagers' style.

6. [+17, -1] It's very accurate. I'm in my late 20's and I prefer the style of Lee Jinwook, Shin Hakyun, and Park Haeil. I really hate skinny and pale guys with dyed hair and feminine looks. I used to like feminine guys when I was young but as I aged, my preference started switching to muscular and dependent guys.

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