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Hyuna's body vs Hyosung's body

Pann: A body that's better than Hyuna's

1. [+155, -24] Hyuna >>>> Hyosung for women. Hyosung >>>>>>> Hyuna for men.

2. [+107, -20] I only notice her boobs

3. [+100, -34] She's sexier because she's got fat ㅋㅋ God Hyosung

4. [+72, -6] Hyuna has a sexy aura all over her body but I can only notice boobs from Hyosung... I'm not being jealous but I don't find Hyosung sexy at all.

5. [+67, -4] Honestly, if I can choose Hyuna's body or Hyosung's, I'm gonna choose Hyuna's

6. [+56, -6] Hyosung >>> Hyuna for men? Dear Hyosung fan, Hyosung has never beat Hyuna in any polls. Know the reality.

(Heechul talks about how all male singers run to see Hyuna's rehearsal stages)

7. [+43, -3] If you see these two girls on a street, who will you stare? ㅋㅋ

8. [+40, -12] What? Hyosung's legs are too short. Yura is the best. She has big boobs, pale skin, gorgeous legs, and a pretty butt. She beats both Hyuna and Hyosung. Plus, she's also pretty. I'm not a Daisy-roach but I think Yura has the best body from female idols. Second is Seolhyun.

9. [+32, -1] Didn't both of them get a boob job? Hyosung and Hyuna have very different boob sizes from their debut.

10. [+32, -7] Screw off

11. [+31, -15] Agreed... Hyosung's body is beyond Asian. Big breasts, thin waist, big pelvis, and healthy thighs. How is she not sexy? Her body is just sexy.

12. [+29, -4] Yura for me. Yura is taller than both and she has boobs, pelvis, and legs. But if I have to choose between Hyuna and Hyosung, then Hyuna. Hyosung has poor proportions.

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