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Cube's plan on debuting three rookie groups in next few years

From an article: 
"Cube is planning on debuting a rookie boy group next year, a rookie girl group in 2017, and another rookie boy group in 2018"


Pann: Fuck, Cube, are you desperate for money?

1. [+68, -0] They should just promote B2ST, BTOB, or the current groups. Why bother with rookie groups?

2. [+63, -2] I'm sure all of them will end up like CLC... They should just promote BTOB and B2ST

3. [+54, -0] Debuting rookie groups is a good thing. It's something that an entertainment company must do. But it's wrong how Cube is ignoring their current groups and all-in for rookie groups. We wouldn't be complaining if they're growing rookies while properly promoting the current groups. The current groups can't even do after-promotions because of the company's deficit. They only had two weeks of promotions and had to do overseas promotions. Why are they debuting rookie groups when they're suffering a deficit? Why is the CEO always screwing things up? It would be average if you don't work at all.

4. [+21, -1] I heard that Cube is suffering a deficit. They have no solution.

5. [+16, -1] Ilhoon will collapse after doing all those featurings ㅠㅠ I think all of the members have bad vocal conditions, especially the vocal line. The songs also have very high notes. Ugh, Cube never listens to the fans and do whatever they want. There's no solution. I understand that they do a lot of Japanese promotions for money but it's too much. BTOB is like a Japanese group.

6. [+13, -0] Ugh, fucking please... They should work on the current groups.

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