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Taeyong insults Japanese people?

Naver Cafe

Post title: Middle school students in Japan

Taeyong: Losers...

Yonggyun: Yes Taeyong-ah ㅋㅋ They look 10 years older ㅋ

Taeyong: 50 students out of the 100 must be otakus collecting figurines

Taeyong: The faculty looks amazing, though


Instiz: Rookies Taeyong insults Japanese people

- Is this really Taeyong?
-- The cafe is Taeyong's middle school class cafe! The account is the same as the one he used for scamming

- There's Yuta in his team, my god

- How is he even gonna promote when his pre-debut image is already trashy like this?

- It boils me to think that he's still gonna debut, promote, and get popular

- Taeyong-ah, are you an onion?

- Yuta is Japanese, too... And he also collected Kundams

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