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SMTM4 producers revealed to have stopped the filming because of Black Nut

On the 10th, Song Mino's lyrics had caused a controversy.

On the 11th, there was a filming for a new episode. Black Nut rapped sexual lyrics with a Dutch wife. He did a performance that reminded of sexual intercourse.

The producers Tablo, Jinusean, San E, Verbal Jint, Jay Park, Loco, Zico, Paloalto, and etc stopped the filming and talked with the staff for 3~4 hours. They complained, "we wonder if such performance is necessary for a rap battle. We're getting a lot of criticisms right now and there's a line we shouldn't cross. This is not right. This needs to be fixed." They further talked about the problems and the future of the show.


Instiz: [Exclusive] "This is crossing the line" SMTM4 producers stop the filming

- They said they were gonna rap, what sorts of craps are they doing?

- Black Nut never stops with his trouble. Stop writing lyrics using women, it pisses me off.

- He doesn't seem to reflect at all. Hope he leaves the show.

- I want it to be aired so that it'll be a big controversy

- Do they have to mention women in every rap they do?

- Take the show off air if they're gonna media-play and get attention in dirty ways like this

- Just how serious was it? The judges always praise everything but even they had to cancel the filming

- Why is SMTM4 so controversy? Ugh, you can't talk about freedom of speech here. It's uncomfortable how he's still on TV.

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