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Ranking of female celebrities on a male-dominated site

MLBPARK is one of the biggest Korean sites. It's a baseball site and is dominated by males. They make rankings of female celebrities twice a year (January & July). It's considered quite relevant and their rankings are often used by netizens to tell female celebrities' relevancy.

This is a very recent ranking released a few days ago:

1) Kim Yuna
2) IU
3) Taeyeon of SNSD
4) Hani of EXID
5) Suzy of Miss A
6) Krystal of f(x)
7) Solji of EXID
8) Park Shin Hye



This is the ranking before the recent one (released in January this year)

1) Kim Yuna
2) Suzy
3) IU
4) Taeyeon of SNSD
5) Hani of EXID
6) Ai Shinozaki (Japan)
7) Krystal of f(x)
8) Hyeri of Girl's Day
9. Son Yejin
10. Seolhyun of AOA
11. Seohyun of SNSD
12. Park Shin Hye
13. Yura of Girl's Day
14. Park Soojin
15. Victoria of f(x)
16. Kim Min Jung
17. Ishihara Satomi (Japan)
18. Kang Sora
19. Tang Wei (China)
20. Yoona of SNSD
21. Tiffany of SNSD
22. Ryu Hwayoung
23. Park Bo Young
24. Han Ji Min
25. Sunny of SNSD
26. Sojin of Girl's Day
27. Lee Yeon Hee
28. Barbara Palvin (Hungary)
29. Yewon of Jewelry
30. Choa of AOA
31. Kim Sarang
32. Yoo Inna
33. Fujii Mina (Japan)
34. Lee Taeim
35. Clara
36. Yuri of SNSD
37. Bomi of Apink
38. Kim Soeun
39. Kim Ock Bin
40. Kim Yoojung
41. Kate Upton (USA)
42. Han Hyo Joo
43. Jung In Young (KBS anchorwoman)
44. Park Sun Young (SBS anchorwoman)
45. Song Jihyo
46. Kim Sun Shin (MBC sports anchorwoman)
47. UEE of After School
48. Amanda Seyfried (USA)
49. Ha Yeon Joo
50. Jo Yoon Hee


288. Kei of Lovelyz

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