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Idol company ranking

1) SM
2) YG
3) JYP
4) Cube
5) FNC
6) Woollim
7) A Cube
8) WM


Pann: Objective idol company ranking

1. [+177, -267] To rank the qualities of the companies, Woollim is #1 and WM is #2

2. [+130, -56] Woollim has Nell, though

3. [+102, -45] CNBLUE's overseas earnings as a band in a year is 25 billion won. CNBLUE alone earns more than the total earnings of Cube. FT Island earns 17 billion won in a year. I don't care about objective rankings but I have to comment when people look down on CNBLUE and FT Island.

4. [+52, -37] Can't believe that Woollim is in the ranking ㅠㅠ Please like the Lovelyz kids and Infinite!

5. [+51, -11] Thanks for including WM

6. [+51, -23] I'm just honored that Woollim grew this much and got into the ranking ㅠㅠ Don't bring hate towards Woollim by arguing the ranking.

7. [+39, -6] FNC artists have a huge amount of international fans and FT Island's overseas earning was 17 billion won and CNBLUE earned 25 billion won. They're earning more than any other small companies ㅋㅋ Why are Infinite fans picking fights on CNBLUE fans?

8. [+36, -22] Shouldn't FNC be higher than Woollim?

9. [+35, -14] If we're comparing the artists, shouldn't FNC be higher than Woollim?

10. [+34, -1] Hul, I can't believe B1A4's company is mentioned when they started off as a small company ㅠㅠ Thank you. Hwaiting for the comeback!

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