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[Brave Journalists] Star A who has hallyu star boyfriend

A is #1 when it comes to casting in Korea. Her Korean popularity is bigger than her Chinese popularity. But then her hallyu star boyfriend was revealed and it made Chinese people interested in her. A became a top star with increased overseas popularity.

A Chinese drama production team offered A a shocking deal - if she decided to take the drama, they would give her 2 billion won with cash right away. However, A declined because her status had increased. She started hanging out with third generation chaebols and she also wanted to spend some time with her boyfriend. Her company staff got anxious but couldn't do anything because A refused to do any work. People mistook it and thought A and her company had a bad relationship.

A's popularity increased thanks to her boyfriend. Her dating news was revealed when her popularity was starting to go down. A is very lucky.

The drama she rejected was taken by another actress who had low popularity. She was offered the same deal and got the 2 billion won cash.


Pann: Top star A who got arrogant

1. [+325, -46] Since when was Suzy's popularity going down?

2. [+273, -41] How can a journalist know the details? They're just adding fake details to the stories they know. That's what a trashy journalist is. They give blind items with obvious answers but add a few fake details so that the celebrities can't say anything. I know that their job is to sell other people's information but they should stop when it's enough.

3. [+261, -28] Suzy had a bad relationship with her company? What a crap.

4. [+190, -18] That woman makes me speechless ㅋㅋ Is she jealous of Suzy's popularity? She thinks A rejected the drama because she got arrogant ㅋㅋ Trashy journalists love to put other down. Suzy's schedule was always packed without a hiatus. Is it wrong to take a break? She promotes her company hoobaes on SNS. The journalist hasn't even seen A but is making rumors ㅋㅋ

5. [+189, -2] I don't know who it is but the actress who got 2 billion won is the winner

6. [+185, -10] Suzy never affected the group with her relationship and she's always been having individual promotions. Arrogant and rejected a drama offer for a relationship? If she was arrogant, then she wouldn't even be doing fansigns ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+165, -12] This is way too many hints ㅋㅋ She's making it obvious

8. [+159, -13] It could be Kim Tae Hee. After Iris, her projects were mostly flops. Her popularity was also decreasing because of her acting controversy. After her dating news with Rain, her image in Korea got tarnished but her Chinese promotions have significantly increased. She's also not doing any promotions since the Chinese drama ended last year.

9. [+104, -8] Suzy and Lee Minho. The drama is 錦衣夜行

10. [+95, -7] It's Kim Tae Hee. She's the only one who's on a hiatus because of her boyfriend. Suzy was busy after her relationship got revealed because her group had a comeback.

11. [+24, -2] Isn't it Park Soo Jin?

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