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[Brave Journalists] CEO of boy group who picked Bigbang as his rival

Boy group A has refreshing charms, a big fandom and decent popularity. Objectively, they're not superstars. Their CEO picked Bigbang as their rival.

The CEO didn't want to discourage A and didn't tell them about competing against Bigbang. Instead, he only made his company workers do the work.

A Bigbang article was on a main portal site with 800 comments. On the same day, there was also an article of A but with 10 comments. The CEO ordered the workers to comment on the article until it surpassed the comments on Bigbang article. The workers were not allowed go home until they surpassed the number.

However, there were only 4 workers and the comments on Bigbang article kept increasing. The workers spend the whole night but couldn't catch up. They called their CEO, begged him that they couldn't do it and went home. This was not the end.

There's a huge community site. The CEO ordered them to write a post about A and make the post get the biggest number of pageviews and comments. The workers started to comment, shared the link, and tried everything to increase the pageviews and comments. But it did not work.

The reason was because other fans on the site found out that A's company was behind this. The workers used the same accounts and left countless comments and pictures praising A. The fans were suspicious and found out that it was all from A's company. The fans officially told the workers to leave the site and they were kicked out.

Another problem is that the CEO loves A infinitely, and as a result, A is very spoiled. For example, A held a fansign. A female fan gave a member a present. In the process, she lightly touched the member's hand. The member didn't like the fan's looks and snapped at his company's staff, saying, "why is the fansign so long?! What the hell is with your management?!" in front of the fans.

The staff was 12 years older than him and he was undoubtedly being rude. But the CEO sided with the member and told him, "they want to touch you because you're handsome."

The plot twist is that the CEO still loves A infinitely, but the member is planning to leave his company.


Instiz: [Brave Journalists] CEO who chases after Bigbang too much

- What did the company workers do to deserve this...

- Wasn't there a boy group that called their fan ugly?

- Refreshing charms...hm... Who is it??

- Bigbang is mentioned, it doesn't seem to be long time ago

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