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[Brave Journalists] Female idol who got breast augmentation

Title - "Bagel girl is red"

Girl group member A's looks are one of the best among girl groups. She also has a very glamorous body. She's a typical bagel girl / an innocent glamour.

A's group had busy promotions in Korea and overseas. Before a big overseas concert, her company gave A a vacation. A had her vacation and flew back to the country to do a rehearsal.

A was doing the rehearsal and suddenly, A's clothes started to be soaked with blood and it even dripped to the floor. She still finished the rehearsal and checked where the blood was coming from.

It was from her armpit. While she was on a vacation, she got breast augmentation. The surgeon told her not to get on an airplane because the air pressure might rip the surgery stitch on her armpit.

However, she ignored the surgeon's warning and got on a plane as soon as she got breast augmentation.

A is actually addicted to plastic surgery. At first, her company made her get plastic surgery because her looks lacked a bit comparing to other members. But as she was getting prettier, she became proud. She got the breast augmentation without telling her company only to embarrass herself.

Her armpit stitch wasn't too bad because of the advanced surgery system. She stopped the bleeding and successfully finished the concert. After the concert, she came back to Korea and got her armpit stitched up again.


Instiz: [Brave Journalists] Bagel girl is red

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