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[Abnormal Summit] New G6 revealed + SM fest

Article: 'Abnormal Summit', new G6 revealed

Source: OSEN via Naver

Brazil - Carlos (30)

Norway - Nicholas (28)
Greece - Andreas (26)
Poland - Przemysław (31)
Egypt - Sami (26)
Japan - Yuta (20)

1. [+25302, -898] Didn't they say they won't put same countries? I don't understand why Ilya had to leave when he was on par with Tyler. They took Takuya out and added a Japanese SM trainee who hasn't even debuted yet? At this rate, G11 will end up from all SM. Change 'Abnormal Summit' to 'SM Summit'

2. [+19611, -891] Why did they take Takuya out for another Japanese kid? And I want more Asian panelists ㅠㅠ

3. [+17300, -320] What's with the Japanese panelist!!!! I don't hate Japan but what does that make Takuya? So mean

4. [+14106, -1474] Honestly, member change was needed. But I don't understand why Sam didn't leave ㅋㅋ He barely talks anymore

5. [+7700, -329] For a second, I thought the Japanese panelist was Takuya ㅋㅋ

6. [+3760, -46] I honestly understand why they took Takuya out because he decided to take care of his image and didn't talk about sensitive issues regarding to Japan. Then they should've picked another Japanese who can openly talk about things or don't cast a Japanese panelist at all. But an idol trainee? And he's only 20? What would he know?

7. [+2939, -57] This is obvious now. They didn't change the members to add freshness from new countries. They just kicked mediocre members out. They proved themselves ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Woah this is too much.

8. [+2882, -39] Give Robin and Ilya back

9. [+2849, -33] So they took Takuya out just to add that Japanese kid? So speechless

10. [+2854, -54] The Japanese kid is under SM

Article: [Exclusive] SM Rookies Yuta joins 'Abnormal Summit' as a new panelist

Source: Xports News via Naver

1. [+9446, -280] SM and their never-ending package deals

2. [+8484, -429] SM pressured them to take Takuya out, didn't they? Honestly, SM is everywhere on broadcast. It's too much.

3. [+7099, -289] SM's domination though


Article: 'Abnormal Summit', will new G6 put some new air to the show

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+569, -7] They went too far with putting a 20-year-old idol trainee

2. [+518, -18] I lost all my interest. It turned into SM Summit ㅋㅋ Takuya hwaiting, hope you succeed!

3. [+459, -13] The Japanese kid didn't debut yet and he's a trainee. Does this even make sense? I hate SM package deals. I won't watch Abnormal Summit.

4. [+447, -13] Honestly, when they talk about countries, isn't USA-Russia the funniest? Ilya's withdrawal is regretful... I think they should've also changed the content and the MC line. The MCs are still the same... The freshness won't last long.

5. [+409, -10] I'm not a fan of Takuya but why did you even take him out? What were they thinking when they were casting a trainee? They should've cast Alvaro. Alvaro was likable because his talking was on par with Julian.

6. [+98, -2] Abnormal Summit is already on their downfalls ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I disliked the show more when I heard that the panelists were forced to withdraw.

7. [+91, -1] China, Russia, and USA are the countries that must be there. Why take Russia out?

8. [+84, -2] What would a 20-year-old know? They should've just continued with Takuya, then. Or cast a salaryman who knows better about Korea-Japan.

9. [+80, -5] It proves JTBC < SM

10. [+78, -4] I'm getting sick of Abnormal Summit. I won't watch it. SM's domination frustrates me. I'm already frustrated before watching it.

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