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Physiognomy in celebrities' eyes

(Please keep in mind that Koreans strongly believe in physiognomy. And when K-netizens say 'eyes', they also mean the vibes coming from the eyes)

Pann says:
Go Young Wook and Kim Hyun Joong have the eyes of dead fish.
Siwan have sparkling eyes.
Park Seo Joon and Kwanghee also have dead fish eyes.
Ji Chang Wook have good eyes


Pann: How to find a good man

1. [+202, -53] I also care about men's eyes. May be I'm the only one but Yoo Yeon Suk's eyes scare me ㅠㅠ

2. [+198, -12] I'm a big fan of Eric Nam and a part of the reason is his eyes. His eyes are very sparkling and gives off innocent vibes. I felt the same when I saw him in real life. I also agree that people's eyes tell their personalities!

3. [+189, -10] I had always disliked Park Si Hoo's eyes... I became a fan after Princess' Man, though. But his eyes always looked weird to me. I was like "damn it" after his scandal broke out

4. [+152, -5] I've always been frightened by Bae Yong Joon's eyes... They're like a shark's eyes. Extremely fake eyes that you can never tell the truth

5. [+148, -5] It's a real fact that how people open their eyes tells a lot about themselves. This is mentioned in physiognomy, psychology, and everywhere. But it's hard to tell when you're young

6. [+131, -5] For women, UEE have such bad eyes. I personally don't like the faces of Kim Jung Min (instead of her eyes, her overall face tells big jealousy and looking down on others), Soyu & Gong Hyo Jin (their faces get better as they age but their eyes are not innocent), Baek Ji Young & Sooyoung of SNSD, Taeyeon & Jang Yewon (squint eyes show twisted morals, like stealing other's boyfriend), Song Yoon Ah (you should be careful of those that have twisted mouth, Kim Hee Sun is also one), Han Hyo Joo (innocent face but small irises, her energy is much stronger than you think)

7. [+127, -3] Opinions on eyes can differ personally but I also agree about Yoo Byung Jae... Honestly, if I knew someone who looks like him, I wouldn't want to be close with them. And I'll get a ton of downvotes but EXO DO... A lot of times, his eyes overlap Kangin, they're very cold. And Roy Kim, I hated his eyes for no reason when he was on Superstar K and his plagiarism broke out... Anyways, opinions on eyes differ personally but I believe my instinct

8. [+121, -6] So I wasn't the only one who thought IU's eyes were strange. They look very stubborn with extremely strong energy... Why are people saying that this is being jealous?

9. [+118, -22] IU for me... Her eyes tell her personalities

10. [+115, -3] Song Jaerim, too

11. [+111, -10] I'll get a lot of downvotes but IU... Her eyes are dark for some reason

12. [+110, -2] Comedian Kim Kyung Jin is the best example of bad eyes

13. [+108, -4] It's random but Manse has such innocent eyes ㅋㅋ Babies are all angels but Manse's eyes especially look innocent and clear

14. [+106, -5] I don't like Nam Goong Min, either. He looks like he'd look down on others and act sly

15. [+97, -3] Jung Woong In seriously scares me. His eyes are scary even when he smiles. Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Jung Jae, Seungri, and Son Ho Young have drooping eyes but they don't look good

16. [+94, -5] I might get downvotes but Jung Woo's eyes on Reply 1994 are really frightening me since the drama started... In interviews, films, he's smiling but his eyes are uncomfortably frightening. I don't know what kind of a person he is but his eyes irritate me

17. [+91, -3] Kang Ha Neul's eyes, too... He was likable in Misaeng and other dramas but he was inconsiderate and showing off in interviews

18. [+85, -3] Some people have these dark eyes...

19. [+82, -1] I'm sick of the entertainment industry because celebrities' eyes shine when they debut but after years, their eyes don't tell anything anymore. I don't know what they've gone through but it's definitely not nice. I envy the money they earn but I feel bad as a person. Top celebrities barely have clear eyes, I can't even think of one

20. [+82, -5] I really hate Kang Kyun Sung's eyes, I really hate them. They look really gloomy and I think it'll scare me if I see them closer

21. [+81, -0] Celebrities' eyes definitely change after debut

22. [+81, -1] I fell for Song Joong Ki when he debuted because he had such innocent eyes and he took care of his fans like a family. But now...no. I can tell that celebrities' eyes get rougher due to their surroundings. He's not the same to his fans anymore and he's arrogant now

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