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Irene's damaged hair?

Pann: Irene's hair is very damaged...

1. [+175, -6] I think Sehun is the biggest victim of SM

2. [+95, -13] I think she didn't dry her hair

3. [+50, -19] Hul... Look how SM leaves their idols like that. She must've dyed her hair so many times. She would've dyed it again and again because the dye is gone after showering... Poor her. I like the concept but they should take care of their hair

4. [+25, -0] Recent Seohyun.... it's severe

5. [+24, -0] The most useless thing is to worry about celebrities ㅋㅋ They get care when they're on hiatus

6. [+24, -0] Hul... Sehun is at least better because his hair is short so he can recover quickly. But it's really hard to recover long hair ㅠㅠ She's gonna cut it soon

7. [+18, -2] People say Sehun dyed his hair because he wants to ㅋㅋ Do you actually believe this? Are you stupid? Who would be on broadcast and say, "I didn't want to but my company forced me to" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sehun even talked about how his hair hurt whenever he touched it. Do you really think he'd want to dye his hair?

8. [+17, -1] Professional hair salon will take care of them. Stop worrying about useless stuff

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