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Importance of hairstyle for square jawline

Pann: Importance of hairstyle for square jawline

1. [+111, -2] Hul daebak... Her jaw actually looks more square when she puts her hair down and looks thinner after putting her hair up... It looks so different.

2. [+97, -2] Taeyang frustrates me so much when he's on Get It Beauty
- [+3, -4] Bigbang Taeyang?
- [+9, -0] Hair designer Taeyang

3. [+66, -1] She looks like a different person... daebak

4. [+20, -1] People with square jawlines and big faces tend to think that they should wear their hair long to cover their faces but you actually have to put your hair up and show your face to make it look smaller

5. [+18, -0] I think the model honestly has pretty facial features? Why bash her for her face line

6. [+18, -1] People usually say only guys benefit from hairstyles but it applies to both men and women

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