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Han Gain's debut days


Pann: Han Gain's debut days

1. [+82, -80] She was amazingly pretty back then but she looks chubby now. She kind of looks like a Gangnam plastic beauty because her cheeks and forehead are chubbier. But she really looked mixed back then

2. [+65, -2] She's not mixed. Yeon Jung Hoon said, "I thought she was mixed because she looked very exotic but she isn't."

3. [+53, -0] This is a picture of Han Gain unnie's wedding. She's not mixed. Stop making false rumors. How is this different from the woman who made up a false blind item of Choi Jinsil


4. [+52, -68] Gain unnie's grandma is Russian

5. [+46, -10] It's not confirmed that Han Gain's grandmother is Russian ㅋㅋ Han Gain's unnie doesn't look mixed. But I can understand the rumors because she does look very exotic. I don't even think she's quarter-mixed. I thought no one believes the rumors, seems like people actually believes it

6. [+41, -1] Han Gain is not mixed

7. [+40, -0] Stop spreading false rumors. There was no foreigner at Han Gain's wedding. Russian and French grandparents ㅋㅋ Every country is mentioned ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+32, -50] She's quarter French

9. [+18, -4] She used to be the prettiest actress for me because she was so pretty back then... But after she got chubby, her face got bigger and it looks like a Gangnam unnie. These days, there are prettier actresses out there, unnie ㅠㅠ

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