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Chorong and Taeyeon before getting a nose job

Pann: Apink Chorong and SNSD Taeyeon before getting a nose job

1. [+46, -10] They definitely looked cuter and prettier before getting a nose job

2. [+41, -10] Chorong over-did her nose job. Her pre-nose looks more smooth and nice

3. [+32, -18] I'm getting tired, Soneroaches. Just admit it


4. [+16, -23] Why do these people keep popping up?


5. [+16, -7] Why did you get work done ㅠㅠ This picture is before No No No. Looks so pretty...


6. [+15, -6] Whether she got work done or not, her face would change due to aging... She still looks like a baby. I became a fan for her singing and I've been following her since Taeng kid days. I'm forever a Taeng stan <3


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