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Bomi and Ilhoon's withdrawal from Weekly Idol

Pann: Bomi and Ilhoon withdraw from Weekly Idol

1. [+204, -15] They must be sad because they've been on the show for a few years. They didn't do anything wrong and had great chemistry. They're close, they weren't afraid to look idiotic, and they worked hard. When Ilhoon was a supporting MC, he barely said anything and only cooked meat beside other idols but he was still happy to be on the show. They worked really hard.

2. [+200, -18] Jung Hyung Don is under FNC so AOA is gonna replace them

3. [+193, -27] If they twist the plot and put new BTOB and Apink members, I'll keep watching the show and love the PD-nim.

4. [+97, -67] "The show would've flopped if Ilhoon and Bomi weren't on it"? Not at all ㅋㅋㅋㅋ People watch Weekly Idol to see the idol guests except BTOB and Apink fans.

5. [+88, -15] Weekly Idol would've flopped if Ilhoon and Bomi weren't the supporting MCs. I'll feel really betrayed if they put Choa and Jimin for FNC. Ilhoon looked really poor when he was the only supporting MC. He never talked and only cooked meat. I'll feel betrayed if they throw him away like this. He's been there for 3 years, not a couple of years.

6. [+82, -3] There isn't any male idol who can joke with Defconn and there isn't any female idol who can look idiotic like Bomi. What kind of a female idol wouldn't refuse to do anything for 2 years? Who can give fresh jokes like Ilhoon? Even if there are, will they have good chemistry like Ilhoon and Bomi? Bomi and Ilhoon were originally close, so they did well more... No matter whom, it won't be as fun. I fucking won't watch it. If they really put FNC idols because Jung Hyung Don signed under them, I'll feel very betrayed. How can they kick them out for the contract...

7. [+77, -22] Ah I really don't want them to be replaced by AOA. Bomi is more tomboyish.

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