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TVXQ5 stage vs EXO12 stage

Pann: TVXQ5 stage vs EXO12 stage

(Pann asks which one is harder to see)


1. [+316, -5] EXO is always possible. All we have to do is release pigeons (=traitors)

2. [+303, -5] I don't think we can see TVXQ5 stage again.... We also won't see EXO12 stage, but I'm glad about that. I don't want to see it anymore

3. [+240, -4] EXO is harder because birds can't be on a stage

4. [+120, -1] It's like we want to see TVXQ5 but we don't want to see EXO12

5. [+56, -0] TVXQ5 is harder but I don't want EXO12

6. [+52, -2] I'm a fan of EXO but we don't want EXO12 stage

7. [+43, -0] We don't want EXO12 stage, though. Thanks for the comparison anyways

8. [+40, -1] TVXQ members are doing really well individually, I wonder how daebak will the chemistry be if the five members unite... I don't want anything else than see them uniting... They cover each other's disadvantages when they're together. They're daebak together

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