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'The Genius 4' confirmed to start airing in June

Article: [Exclusive] 'The Genius 4' confirmed to start airing in June... More cruel mental fights to come

Source: My Daily via Naver

1. [+4182, -329] God Dongmin and Kong Jinho, please come again

2. [+3630, -56] I've been waiting for this! I want female panelists that are brave, not those that'll stick to others

3. [+3070, -208] Casting Jang Dongmin was god's work. I want them to pick celebrities based on their actual skills instead of their images

4. [+2338, -64] I want to see games that require smartness and mental fights

5. [+2193, -309] I want to see God Hyunmin again

6. [+468, -19] The games should be played individually... They always form allies

7. [+477, -45] Kong Jinho, Sunggyu, Jang Dongmin, Lee Sangmin!!

8. [+337, -13] Sunggyu, Hyunmin, Kong, Dongmin

9. [+413, -98] Season 3 was the best one. Jang Dongmin was the winner but Oh Hyunmin dominated the games... The games should be won by mental, not by forming allies

10. [+318, -12] KongGyu please

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