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Sulli's shocking attitude on the stage

Pann: Sulli's shocking attitude on the stage

Red Light

She's supposed to be doing the same dance as Luna & Amber

Coldly exits


- The second gif is too much

- I want her to go back to the old days. I became a fan because I liked her hard-work on the stage

- Why doesn't she promote in f(x) when she's doing other promotions... Just leave the group... The fans are the only getting hurt

- She needs to realize the preciousness of the stage

- Doesn't the company do anything with this?

- How are the fans defending this? The fans' minds are amazing.... This is shocking ㅠㅠ

- I support F(x) OT4

- Does she have a reason for this... I also feel bad for her. I don't know

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