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Park Soo Jin the natural beauty

Pann: The reason why Park Soo Jin is amazing

1. [+299, -16] When Park Soo Jin was 7, Bae Yong Joon was 20...

2. [+187, -34] She's frustratingly pretty ㅋㅋ I'm not even jealous because she's too different from me

3. [+170, -29] Wow, she looks the same. Pretty people still look different in their elementary school photos but she was still so pretty back then

4. [+122, -11] Their marriage is burying this issue ㅡㅡ


(political scandal)

5. [+66, -3] It's bitter and funny how a woman gets praised just because she's a beauty with no plastic surgery. There's a saying that a pretty woman is born with passing three exams, and it's really true. It's so funny how having pretty genes is considered competitive

6. [+52, -7] Instead of the fact that Park Soo Jin is marrying a chaebol, I'm more jealous of her looks. Pale skin and small head, good proportions, and big eyes. She still looks good with no makeup...

7. [+49, -3] I was a big fan when she was promoting in Sugar


8. [+48, -3] Marrying Bae Yong Joon whose property is over 100 billion won. She's the real winner

9. [+45, -3] I like her bright aura and pale skin. She also eats well

10. [+40, -5] Congrats unnie. Live well

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