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Male idols who promoted in underground

Block B Zico

Block B Park Kyung

Speed Taewoon

Bigbang TOP

Winner Mino

Bangtan Boys Rap Monster

Bangtan Boys Suga

BTOB Minhyuk

BAP Yongguk

35 popular underground rappers


Pann: Male idols who promoted in underground

1.  [+190, -35] But just because they promoted in underground, it doesn't mean that they're all talented. Some fandoms have underground pride ㅋㅋ But Block B and Winner deserve to be proud

2. [+151, -4] When TOP had just started promoting in underground, he asked, "who am I?" but no one knew so he answered, "I'm me!" ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+116, -8] Zico and Mino are love <3 The mixtape What Should I Do is so good ㅠㅠ I hope they release the official track


4. [+89, -65] I hope there will be more positive posts... Hwaiting


5. [+53, -5] <3 His mixtape is still good! Love you <3


6. [+51, -2] The more I see Mino, the more I find him nice. He doesn't seem to have enemies around him. He's the type of person who'll turn enemies into friends. His pictures give me the vibe. He's kind but he can't be looked down because he's talented. He's very kind and nice so people will be on his side. I like Mino, Bobby, and Seungyoon so much these days

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