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Expressive vocals

Pann: Very expressive vocals




1. [+171, -48] Baekhyun doesn't have groove but his vocal is nice to listen to because it's soft and it doesn't have excessive vibrations. I like it when he sings high notes but I also like it when he sings low tones

2. [+146, -31] Taeyeon and IU have good vocal skills, voices, emotions, and they can sing. They can especially sing other songs with their own style

3. [+126, -38] Agree with Taeyeon

4. [+63, -6] Junsu, Sandeul, Taeyeon, IU, and Yoseob. The singers mentioned in the comments only have good voices or personal preferences. These singers are approved by the public

5. [+51, -60] Baekhyun is so-so. I agree with Taeyeon, though

6. [+47, -7] Yoseob and Sandeul for me. I saw them performing on Immortal Song and they really touch people's hearts without special techniques

7. [+45, -5] I like IU and Taeyeon's vocals. Ailee and Hyorin are good, too, but Taeyeon and IU are my type ㅠㅠ Their music, voices, and techniques are my type

8. [+42, -5] Junsu for me. I became a fan after watching Space Empathy. He's so talented


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