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Best male idols in each category?

Looks - Bigbang TOP, Infinite L, ZE:A Siwan, JYJ Jaejoong

Singing - Infinite Sunggyu, B2ST Yoseob, TVXQ Changmin, B1A4 Sandeul, BTOB Eunkwang, JYJ Junsu

Rapping - Block B Zico, Bigbang G-Dragon, Winner Mino (not Rap Monster)

Dancing - EXO Kai, Bigbang Taeyang, TVXQ Yunho, Infinite's synchronized choreographies

Producing - Bigbang G-Dragon

Acting - EXO DO, Bigbang TOP, BTOB Sungjae, ZE:A Siwan

OP's thoughts - From adults' perspective, EXO is extremely overrated


Pann: Personal ranking of male idols in each category

1. [+213, -350] EXO is indeed overrated on Pann. Honestly, I don't even find EXO handsome in SM. They look too feminine and they're short with no special aura. How are they handsome? Only the fans like them. For their talent, they're just all dancers except a few members. Their music is typical idol music

2. [+127, -48] Yes, Infinite's synchronized choreography is amazing. Hoya and Dongwoo are also good at dancing! Just saying

3. [+97, -68] I don't think all BTOB members are that great at singing, they just do decently overall. Only Eunkwang deserves to be on the list

4. [+55, -36] Rapmon is also overrated. GD, Zico, Mino, and Rapmon are mentioned when people talk about idol rappers but I don't understand why he's mentioned. I never thought he was good. Junhyung is even better

5. [+47, -24] Are you really saying that EXO doesn't have fans in their 20's ㅋㅋㅋㅋ EXO fans in their 20's can outnumber any fandom

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