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Baekhyun's burgundy makeup

Pann: The first guy who started a trend of burgundy makeup


1. [+270, -401] How is he the first ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+261, -47] If you search 'Seoul Gayo Daesang', Baekhyun is the first one after EXO

3. [+244, -44] No matter how I try, I don't look as good as that

4. [+132, -9] He's not the 'first' who started the makeup, he's the 'first' who started the trend. What's wrong with you people? Most beauty bloggers copied the makeup and it was even mentioned in a drama. Baekhyun is indeed the one who started the trend. So many celebrities do burgundy makeup. I'm not even a fan but Baekhyun is the first one that comes to my mind when I think of burgundy

5. [+84, -5] "Don't you know burgundy makeup?" was in a drama. It was a hot issue. Get It Beauty and many bloggers did it. You can search up

6. [+79, -3] "Don't you know Baekhyun's Seoul Gayo Daesang makeup?" was a line in Kill Me Heal Me. It's a big title but he's indeed the first guy

7. [+73, -6] It was no joke


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