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SM sponsors GFriend?

Pann: SM sponsors GFriend?

GFriend's company is Source Music

Source Music:
- Established on April 29, 2014
- 5 workers
- Capital of $10,000

The CEO is So Sung Jin. He was a manager of Shinhwa and is a former SM worker who contributed in the productions of SNSD and f(x).

Sunny, "GFriend reminds me of young SNSD, I feel happy"

After only two months of debut, GFriend went on Running Man with three actresses and trend Hani

Two of the three actresses were also from SM C&C

Did a drama OST after 3 months of debut

Starred in the music video of Heechul & Jungmo's subunit M&D


1. [+175, -2] I was also suspicious about Running Man. I think they took the shortest time to be on a public channel show

2. [+164, -4] I heard that the CEO uses SM power

3. [+161, -3] No wonder why I see them so often

4. [+67, -0] Instead of being associated with SM, I think it's the fact that the CEO knows a lot of broadcast staff because he used to work in SM

5. [+59, -3] Company benefits are amazing

6. [+56, -9] They're not that pretty... They look like non-celebrities, not a girl group

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