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[Infinity Challenge] Members' controversies digged out after Jang Dong Min

Pann: Jang Dong Min's withdrawal = Infinity Challenge members' withdrawal

Jung Hyung Don

Jung Junha was caught running prostitution business, he lied, got caught lying, but this issue was eventually buried

Noh Hong Chul's interviews when he was a rookie entertainer:

Q) Are you saying that you're still a virgin?

A) No, I've had a lot of sex before. But I didn't start it since I was young. When I was in high school, my father had a job in another city. I was left in Seoul alone. A grade 12 boy alone at a big apartment, isn't it fucking awesome? I had my friends over and they had sex in the room, living room, and all. But I didn't do it and I only watched them. After finishing university entrance exams, I started to have sex.

Q) So did you start meeting women endlessly since then?

A) I can count the women I slept with by my fingers. Like I said, I like talking, not just sex. I really hate prostitution. I've slept with a prostitute, but... 

"When I was in high school, I got in trouble for copying and selling porno. I wrote a reflecting note and sent it to the police..."

"When I was in high school, I was desperate to 'bang' a girl. It wasn't exactly sex, but for skinship. I was desperate. I gathered information and the ways I could knock off women were drinking, sleeping pills, and pig estrus. But I gave up the third choice because it was hard to get it. I also gave up the second method because it wasn't easy to buy sleeping pills. I decided to use the first method. Liquor was good but expensive, and soju was ruining the mood. I went to a convenience store and bought a few kinds of strong alcohol. I mixed them up, tested, and found a good mixture. At that time, I was illegally tutored by an academy CEO. I borrowed the academy and had the girl over. I told her, "I made this for you, drink slowly." I expected her to lean on my shoulders, but instead, she started throwing up. I had to take her home without getting anything. The problem was the next day. People knew what kind of a person I was, so she found out what I was intending to do. She called me and cursed, "you jerk, don't live like that @#$%&" I tried hard but I only got the worst result."

Park Myung Soo on Happy Together:

PMS: "I debuted as a celebrity and got so popular as a comedian. I dated for the first time when I was 24. I was so happy. One day, I found out that she was lying to me."

Shin Dong Yup: "So you hit her"

PMS: "Ah, but guys should never hit women. Let's leave at that. So I drove her to an empty place where nobody was around. I was snapping at her for lying, and I found myself raising my hand to hit her. After I hit her, I was like, "why am I like this?" and put my hand down. So I hit her and I stopped myself. And then she started running away. I caught her and hit her 100 times more."

Lee Hyori: "But you said guys should never hit women"

PMS: "Guys shouldn't but the first time is hard. After that, my hand freely started raising to hit. Only the first time is hard."


1. [+186, -66] Park Myung Soo's statement "I hit her 100 times more" is manipulated. You should take it down immediately. You could be sued. I'm honestly worried

2. [+133, -109] As a fan of Noh Hong Chul, the article is manipulated. Please stop posting this

3. [+122, -51] They should all leave the show except Yoo God

4. [+72, -52] I don't even want to see Jang Dong Min's face. I hated his jokes since before and I hate him even more now

5. [+61, -4] I can understand Jung Hyung Don. But is Noh Hong Chul seriously crazy? Doesn't he realize what he did wrong? Crazy... The guys who make women drink to have sex are so disgusting. I'm seriously getting goosebumps at how he even thought of using sleeping pills and pig estrus. So he gave up using pig estrus because it was hard to get it? So if he had it, he would've used it?

6. [+44, -3] Jung Hyung Don's picture is really disgusting

7. [+43, -7] Park Myung Soo's statement is not manipulated

8. [+35, -7] Scary... so I was fooled by those people?

9. [+32, -2] Jung Junha's pimp controversy


What he did: lying, not paying tax, prostitution business, pimp

At first, he lied that he doesn't use women for his bar but later, he admitted that he uses women. Later, his bar was also found to be running prostitution with prostitutes. He said that he has two bars, but it was found that both bars were a same bar. He then said he was scammed by a scammer. But what's scarier is that after a week of this controversy, he was shamelessly on Infinity Challenge with Kim Yuna as the guest. You could see him touching Kim Yuna's hands like a pervert.

10. [+32, -1] They're not manipulated. He really said it on Happy Together

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