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Idols' legendary choreograpies

Pann: Idols' legendary choreograpies

TVXQ's Mirotic

SHINee's Sherlock

EXO's Growl

Taeyang's Where U At

SNSD's Genie


1. [+362, -118] Growl is honestly insane. I'm a guy and it was the first time of getting goosebumps after watching a music video. I don't care if you don't believe that I'm a guy but Growl is seriously legendary. Don't you guys agree with me?

2. [+314, -39] Most dances of SHINee and EXO are good

3. [+258, -20] TVXQ's Mirotic was amazing. When people dance it at festivals, the chants are no joke

4. [+125, -18] This is fascinating


5. [+113, -12] I'm non-fan but the tree dance in Wolf really shocked me. It was so interesting

6. [+91, -6] Sherlock and Growl are really legendary

7. [+84, -6] God SM ㅋㅋ Their performances are the best

8. [+77, -11] Their waist dance when Chanyeol raps in Growl is daebak. Growl's choreography format is just great

9. [+69, -55] Where's 'listen to my heart beat'

10. [+65, -8] It means that SM choreographer is good at making choreographies. Why are you saying that the OP is an SM stan?


11. [+65, -22] Legendary ones are Mirotic, Sorry Sorry, Growl, Heart Beat, and Taeyang. Genie, my butt

12. [+60, -6] I'm a Cassie and Overdose's intro part really attracted me. It was cool

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