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[Brave Journalists] Seducing a non-materialistic idol

(Blind item from 5 months ago)

Instiz: [Brave Journalists] Brand+a wins over non-materialistic idol A

Idol A is from a very famous girl group. Since debut, a lot of guys showed interest in her for her beautiful looks. When she was a rookie idol, she dated a famous idol and a hallyu actor. Male celebrities would debate, "how can I date A?" 

Usually, female idols are extremely materialistic but A is non-materialistic. A doesn't have desires because of her big popularity. Popular idol B decided to take the challenge. B has perfect looks and big popularity. B tried hard to win A's heart, including buying brand products for A. But for A, brand products were too common. B gave up and said, "I guess the farthest I can go is to flirt with her." 

One day, B heard shocking news - C won A's heart by giving brand products. Besides the brand products, there's a hidden method. Before C, guys gave A brand products generally. But when C gave A brand products, he explained the preciousness of the products. He studied the products and explained them in details. 

C seduced A in an abnormal way. B is single and is sadly waiting for A. B and C are both umchinah style. They're very good men. C has big popularity in Korea.


- Isn't it Yoona and Lee Seunggi??

- They said it's an unofficial couple...

- Yoona and Lee Seunggi are not unofficial, though

- Umchinah style? I think I know who

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