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Things you hate hearing about your singers

Pann: Things you hate hearing about your singers

1. [+286, -145] "Comeback, Kris and Luhan ㅠㅠ 12-1=0"

2. [+167, -25] (BTOB) Ugly nugu group that never won #1

3. [+109, -28] I'm an Inspirit and I was caught being a fan at my school. The students asked me, "Infinite still has fans?" One of them said they used to like L but said they hate L now. I was speechless. What's so proud about being a fan in a wrong way? I didn't bother to argue because I was just getting to know the friend. I was annoyed for the whole day and she still makes me irritated

4. [+100, -2] "Even though you like them so much, they won't even know you." This is true but it makes me mad

5. [+56, -4] On political articles, there are comments like, "so EXO needs to be enlisted". Why are they mentioning EXO on political articles? Those comments are always the top comments. They're going to serve, why do people need to comment this?

6. [+53, -17] "I hate EXO because the fans are rude. Gross"

7. [+47, -62] "Why are they singers whey they can't even sing? Because they can dance? Then they should be dancers, why are they singers?
- [+31, -0] But it's true though ㅋㅋ
- [+18, -5] It's true. Blame your oppar's poor singing instead

8. [+44, -6] "Isn't B2ST on a downfall? They've been flopping since Fiction."

9. [+34, -0] Flopping recycled group... It always makes me hurt

10. [+33, -2] "Do you still like them? But they never won #1." It makes me so sad. I'm also a fan of female idols, and people tell me how they do sexual favors and pay money behind. A female idol tweeted to a male idol, and my friend who's a fan of the male idol said she's trying to hit on him. But the friend is now a fan of the female idol and praises her so much. I'm avoiding the friend

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