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Teenage idol gets investigated for rape

Instiz: [Exclusive] 'Well-mannered idols' Teenage member gets accused of rape

A boy group was called 'well-mannered idols' because they uploaded a video of how to hoist the Korean flag before the Independence Day. Member A is currently getting investigated by the police for rape.

Seoul Gangnam Police is investigating A for raping a woman B in her 20's and for another attempt of rape a few days later.

A got to know B on November 22 last year through the people he knew, and he raped her. On November 28, A went to B's house for a second rape attempt.

A's company is denying B's claims. The police is finishing up investigating B and will summon A for further investigations.


- The picture is the hint...

- A teenage member????????

- Do they go by the legal ages? The group maknae is a 96 liner...

- I found the group as soon as I searched up

- I found the group and hm... I've never heard of this group before

- They gave away too many hints

(The group is Zest)

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