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Siwan's comment on acting as an idol

Instiz: Siwan feels sorry for those that want to become actors
Q: A lot of other idols also go on acting. How do you feel as you're categorized as one of them?
A: "I never took acting lightly. A part of me feels sorry for those wanting to become actors. Their passion is bigger than mine, and yet I got a chance easier than them. I feel very sorry. That's why I have to work harder. I definitely understand why people see [acting idols] negatively. Even if I act as hard as I can, my acting is not educated. Comparing to those that started to practice acting since their were little, the time I spent to practice is not enough. The attention I get is undeserved, so I try to be careful to keep modesty."
Q: How will you show yourself as an actor?
A: "I got a lot for my little talent, so it's time to fill it with real talent. I still don't think I'm a useless rock. I just think that this is better than the days when I used to be a singer. At least, when I do acting, I feel that I could finally do some work. One day, I'll feel that I'm a useless rock. But I don't fear for those days to come. I'm ready to accept them. All I want is to work the hardest until then."
- But Siwan-ah, you're good at acting... Looks, personalities, mentality... What do you lack??
- I'm not a fan but I admire his modest and hard-working talent...
- I personally don't like idols acting but Siwan is really good at acting and he's very passionate about it... Idols wouldn't be getting hate if they were like Siwan
- How can there be a person like him... He's the ultimate umchinah
- Siwan and I need to get married

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