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Red Velvet & Lovelyz's album sales

Pann: Comparisons of Red Velvet & Lovelyz's album sales

Ice Cream Cake - 17,181

Girls Invasion repackage - 5,556


1. [+110, -58] It's because Lovelyz's album is the very first and it's limited... And it's Lovelyz's debut album whereas Red Velvet's album is 7 months after debut

2. [+100, -46] Lovelyz's Hi album was released with 3000 copies and they were all sold out

3. [+91, -28] Go ahead and buy them. I'm not jealous

4. [+35, -2] Ah can we please not make ourselves dislikable? Honestly, this is the problem of SM fans. SM fans always drag other groups to brag. I'm an SM fan, too, but it frustrates me a lot. Every group and fandom I like are all seen as dislikable

5. [+31, -25] Ugh, they should learn how to be modest. They're not even that popular. The students at my school don't even know Red Velvet. Stop saying they're top

6. [+31, -4] Jealous of Lovelyz? Leave them alone

7. [+26, -48] SM fans are still proud of their sajaegi album sales ㅋㅋ Do they think other fandoms would be jealous of that?

8. [+26, -56] Happiness was a good song but Ice Cream Cake is trash. It only sounded like an advertisement song for ice cream. I don't even want the album for free ㅋㅋ Keep doing sajaegi for that trashy album, guys ㅋㅋ

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