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Opinions on Lovelyz's new song + SHINee reference

Pann: Woollim finally started working (feat.Hi)


1. [+201, -197] Um

2. [+111, -74] Is Lovelyz really considered pretty? Really? I don't understand. I saw one of the members' photos at her graduation and she looked like Yoo Hee Yeol. A non-celebrity behind her was even prettier. They're so ugly, I don't understand why they're praised so much on Pann. They don't have a pretty member, even though I love Baby Soul's voice

3. [+107, -45] This concept is daebak... They're the ultimate cute concept. Their voices got cuter. Anyways, this is totally my type

4. [+102, -42] Yein's so pretty

5. [+43, -6] So wearing a tennis skirt with a shirt is copying f(x)? Girls in my neighborhood wear the same thing but I guess I should tell them to stop! I'll make sure to tell them that it's only f(x)'s outfit~


1. [+192, -59] Yoo Jiae's voice ruined the entire song

2. [+124, -22] I'm a non-fan. I watched the MV and honestly, Jiae's part is annoying. Kei's face and aura aren't like an idol, she's like a kindergarten teacher. Jin is only appearing at the end. Soojung seems skinny but she has cheek fat, is it baby fat? Yein's stylist need to fight with me... Maybe it's because they're still a rookie group, but they look so awkward even though it's their own song

3. [+110, -21] Jiae doesn't even have many parts and her voice doesn't suit at all. The rest of the members have pretty voices


1. [+53, -2] I laughed out loud at Jiae's voice. It ruined the flow

2. [+32, -3] As soon as I listened to the song, I thought it sounded like the melody of Aside

3. [+27, -3] It really sounds like SHINee's Aside

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