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Lovelyz's choreography format

Pann: Female idols that have a daebak choreography format


1. [+119, -23] Nine Muses' Drama is amazing, too. Watch the practice video

2. [+98, -28] They're like a female version of Infinite. I'm a girl but I find their dance cool

3. [+95, -20] Chaser for me... I like Sungjong's part

4. [+74, -48] If you find this choreo perfect, then just how good is SNSD Into The New World? A wall?

5. [+49, -14] SNSD The Boys has the best choreography format ㅋㅋ Also I Got A Boy

6. [+37, -15] SNSD has the best choreo formats. I saw a post of SNSD's choreo formats and they looked amazing

7. [+34, -10] I thought it'd be about SNSD

8. [+26, -4] I came here expecting SNSD but I guess Lovelyz is also rising choreo-dols

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