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Lee Minho's ex-girlfriends

Pann: Lee Minho's ex-girlfriends

Jang Mee Hee (VJ Danji)

She starred in Goong as Yoon Eun Hye's friend

Kang Min Kyung

Currently a member of Davichi

Yoon Ina

In Star K Entertainment

(In Wheesung's MV 'Love is Delicious')

Diary Lee Minho wrote for Yoon Ina in 2006

"Well, it is
I'm in love
I want to rub her head
But I end up punching it
She's adorable
I want to pinch her cheeks
I want to kiss her lips, I want to have her in my pocket
I want to piggyback her all the time
I want to hold her cold hands all the time
I want to see her more and more
I want to keep her on my side all the time
I want to give her everything
She's so precious and it can't be described in words
Yes, I dated her. I fell in love at first sight
I turned to like her
I turned to love her
I was deciding what to do
And I kept meeting her recklessly
Whether the filming was overnight
Whether I was tired, I was going crazy if I didn't see her
I approached her just like that
She rejected me twice
But on the third try, she accepted me and we were together since
It was such a happy thing for me
We kept missing the right timing before
But we got to meet each other at 20
It's a precious fate
I have you on my side
I can't be any more happier
Yes, I still don't know how to love
I don't know what I should do without you
And I don't know how to express my feelings
So I ended up saying false things
And I said things reversely
I had a lot of thoughts for several days
Different thoughts from me and you
Different ways of dating
I think we can't ignore these things
I think I'm not wise enough
Maybe I'm saying this to keep my pride
Because I was always the one getting all the things
But let me say this
If you were ready to accept everything of me,
I would've given you everything, no matter my pride
I want you to think again for the last time
If you were honest with me or if you pretended for your pride
I couldn't say all these things on the phone with you
As I'm writing this,
When I'm ready to understand and accept every single thing
and every tiny thing of you,
when I'm wise enough, I want to start with you again
Whether it's a year later, 3 years later, or 5 years later,
I'll only be thinking of your name
I hope I don't sound fake
I believe honesty works
If you think I sound fake,
then it means we didn't love for real
No, it means you didn't love me for real
You'll get busy soon. Hwaiting and you'll do well. Bye."

Park Min Young

Current girlfriend Suzy


1. [+24, -4] Wow he dated a lot

2. [+9, -0] Lee Minho dated Kang Min Kyung, too?

3. [+6, -0] I don't understand why Suzy is only one getting bashed

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