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Eunji vs Solji

Pann: Eunji vs Solji, who sings better?


1. [+124, -70] How can you compare Eunji and Solji? Solji debuted more than 10 years ago and she was even a vocal trainer. Comparing her to an idol who only sings high notes?

2. [+124, -41] Solji for me... I became a fan after watching Mask King

3. [+88, -91] Eunji

4. [+26, -13] They're both good but if we're looking at their overall singing, it's Eunji. Eunji can sing all genres with certain feelings

5. [+25, -4] Both can sing well but Eunji's voice and high notes suit all genres whereas Solji's voice is very suited for emotional ballad. Both are good, jjang jjang

6. [+24, -11] Eunji, of course

7. [+23, -11] Solji

8. [+22, -9] Eunji

9. [+20, -5] Forget the fact that they're idols... Solji is better in terms of emotions, techniques and uniqueness

10. [+17, -16] Compare what you can compare... Definitely Eunji

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