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Dispatch's shameful acts

Instiz: Dispatch's shameful acts (feat. Park Bom)

1. Tapping a meeting and writing an article about it

Vice-chairman of Shin Se Kye sued Dispatch because they tapped the meeting of his parents and his girlfriend's parents. Dispatch was fined for $15,000


2. Stalking

Kim Yuna, Suzy, Lee Minho


3. Power shield for Park Bom's drug scandal

They wrote a shielding article for Park Bom which Park Bom fans took delightfully. But Segye Ilbo rebutted Dispatch's article and Park Bom's side started hiding the evidences. Segye Ilbo pointed out that Park Bom smuggled amphetamine in a snack bag, which made Park Bom's side silent since.


4. Yewon shield

Dispatch said Yewon had "tears in her eyes and puts her head down" when Lee Taeim snapped at her.


*tears in her eyes and puts her head down*


- Why are they tapping a parent meeting ㅋㅋㅋ Are they filming a movie or what?

- Can someone tell me the difference between Dispatch and sasaengs?

- Dispatch needs to be out

- They're a criminal group realistically

- Dispatch makes me shiver

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