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SM Rookies Go Eun

Pann: A girl who got into SM
She's Noh Hyo Rin and is from Voice Kids
Her stage name is Go Eun and she's promoting as an SM Rookies (the one on the very right) She's said to be in charge of vocal
1. [+46, -1] Amazing, she lost so much weight... But SM promotes Rookies too much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hate it
2. [+45, -7] SM... No, this unnie looks YG
3. [+35, -5] Successful double eyelid surgery
4. [+23, -7] I guess the group didn't have a member that could sing
5. [+20, -1] If a trainee is pretty, people say, "she's all about her face." If a trainee is ugly, people say, "why is she in SM"

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