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Idols that are traitors to their fans

Pann: Who are the singers that are the biggest traitors to their fans?

1. [+253, -5] Sungmin. Didn't all of his fans turn their backs on him?

2. [+220, -3] NC.A ㅋㅋ She cursed at her fans on Facebook. It's her fault and yet she's forcing the bloggers to delete the posts about her. She also talked shit about sunbae celebrities and also her own fans. Her cursing was no joke. It won't even be enough if she apologizes but she never did and yet goes around to delete the evidences ㅋㅋ No solution

3. [+204, -11] There's always one for each SM group ㅋㅋ Jessica, Wu Yifan, Luhan, the legendary traitors

4. [+121, -39] GD. Drugs.

5. [+119, -1] Changjo from Teen Top. His Lovestagram was no joke. Why did he do that when he doesn't even have many fans?

6. [+109, -4] Sulli because I'm an f(x) fan

7. [+101, -21] Kim U-Kwon make me shiver.... I want to leave the fandom because of him but the other members are stopping me ㅠㅠ

8. [+98, -20] Honestly, I hated taengkoong so much in the beginning but I can see that they're apologetic. Now I feel bad for them. From my standards, the biggest traitor is the chief designer Jessica Jung ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+93, -1] Sunye was OK until she got married. Ever since she renewed her contract, she's been fooling her fans

10. [+78, -94] Honestly, didn't JYJ also leave their group because of their greed? They're the same as Jessica, Kris, and Luhan

11. [+75, -0] NC.A ㅋㅋ I was about to be her fangirl but then I saw her curses on Facebook. I got so much goosebumps when I saw her singing "coming soon~~" on the stage and acting cute

12. [+69, -151] All Bigbang members except Taeyang

13. [+63, -42] What I don't get is, why do people praise JYJ? Don't you know what they did to Yunho and Changmin? It makes me so mad when peple praise them, fuck. And there's no need to bash taengkoong when we have Sungmin, Changjo, and etc. Taengkoong is only pitiful, they have no reason to get hate

14. [+62, -5] Kim U-Kwon. I'm still mad at how he answered "BBC is just a fan" when he was asked

15. [+56, -0] Ugh... People still don't get how evil Sungmin is... The most critical thing is this. When Leeteuk was thinking of commiting suicide because he was having a hard time with his parents' deaths, Sungmin wrote a letter to get his marriage approved ^^ ㅋㅋ Is he even human?

16. [+51, -3] All of this has to be fucking SM, so sad

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