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Idol group members that have outstanding popularity

Pann: Idol group members that have outstanding popularity

Apink Eunji

Teen Top Niel

Winner Seungyoon


Miss A Suzy

4Minute Hyuna

Block B Zico


1. [+143, -9] All of Winner fans are all-fans but the public only knows Kang Seungyoon

2. [+83, -4] Doesn't FT Island Hongki have the biggest popularity in his group? And some ZE:A members are so popular but the rest of the members are unknown

3. [+61, -80] Isn't Naeun more popular than Eunji? Eunji is well-known but people like Naeun more. When celebrities are asked which Apink member they like, they choose Naeun. And I think Naeun is carrying Apink's image as a group

4. [+57, -5] I don't think Winner promoted long enough to be included in this. They debuted less than a year ago. Isn't it obvious that people wouldn't know the members yet?

5. [+50, -17] Winner fans are all-fans ㅠㅠ Incles can't choose a bias. Each member is so unique and charming ㅠㅠ


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