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What thoughts do you have when you're trying to sleep?

Pann: What thoughts do you have when you're trying to sleep?

1. [+1141, -5] "How many hours of sleep will I get tonight?"

2. [+460, -15] I imagine dating my favorite celebrity... Sometimes, he comes up in my dreams

3. [+455, -5] I think of embarrassing moments. I end up kicking my blanket off

4. [+176, -0] "Ah I have to sleep but I can't sleep. Let's stop thinking. But this is thinking ahhhh!!!!!"

5. [+109, -0] "It's gonna be freaking hard to wake up in the morning"

6. [+87, -1] I think of dating my crush, throwing harsh words at a friend I really hate, and silently sing a song that pops up in my head. After doing these, I get pressured to fall asleep

7. [+87, -5] I write fictions in my head

8. [+70, -3] I think of what to wear tomorrow and match up my clothes. The fit I imagine won't look as good in real life but I think of a pretty fit and get happy

9. [+65, -0] "How did I fall asleep yesterday? How do I fall asleep?"

10. [+65, -8] Erotic thoughts... Erotic thoughts make my body warm and it makes my blood flow better. I feel like I'm hugging someone so I fall asleep easily

11. [+53, -0] What to eat tomorrow

12. [+46, -1] "Ugh... I didn't study today, either. I'm screwed... I'm so going to study tomorrow" I repeat this thought every single day

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